WhateverBuys.com Now Ships with DHL* for International Orders in 3-5 Days** March 03, 2016 08:08 3 Comments

We're happy to announce that WhateverBuys.com now ships with DHL via the DHL Express service for all international orders*.



All orders with P.O Box as shipping address will be shipped via EMS and will take 1-3 weeks delivery transit time.

WhateverBuys.com selling Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin now ships internationally with DHL

Delivery to the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom and the rest of the world now takes around 3-5 days**.

Deliveries to mainland US and major states/cities may even take less than 3 days in some cases, just like our very first delivery that was dispatched March 1 (PHT) and was received in Modesto, California March 2 (PST).

WhateverBuys.com Delivers via DHL Express to Modesto California  USA 3-5 days - DHL Proof of Delivery


WhateverBuys.com Delivers International Orders via DHL 3-5 days


Another delivery bound for Biddeford, ME, USA which was dispatched the same day is expected to arrive a day later than the one in Modesto, CA.

WhateverBuys.com Delivers via DHL Express to Biddeford Maine USA 3-5 days

For Canada provinces like Quebec, some deliveries may take 5-7 days due to tighter border security regulations among other things. 

WhateverBuys.com Delivers via DHL Express to Gatineau Quebec Canada 3-5 days


There is no question that efficiency-wise, DHL is the best logistics partner for international shipping and we are very happy with this move. However, quality comes at a price and so you might expect shipping rates to be higher than previous ones but I guarantee you, dear customer that it's so worth it. The peace of mind that comes with knowing where your package is at every point of the shipping process until it gets to your door is priceless. There is nothing worse for both customer and business than wondering where a delivery is along with waiting for weeks on end hoping it doesn't get lost or damaged along the way.
We hope you understand that this move serves not just us as a company, but most of all and foremost of all, YOU - our dear customer, who chose to entrust your business and money with us even if we're halfway across the world. For that, you deserve only the best products and services. WhateverBuys.com and DHL will make sure you get nothing less than the best.

We will be updating this post to include future deliveries to track average turn-around-time for international orders placed here on WhateverBuys.com. 

Thank you for your time and happy online shopping!




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* whenever possible
** estimated delivery may vary