Hello and welcome to WhateverBuys.com! My name is RJ Marmol (RJMarmol.com) -- your Shopkeeper, happy to assist you.

Honestly, I'd rather not bore you with these details and I prefer you browse our products instead but if you've come to this page because you really want to know more about the history of WhateverBuys Enterprise, well then read away :)


What is WhateverBuys.com?

WhateverBuys.com is a little online store I own and legally operate in my pajamas from the comfort of my upstairs bedroom somewhere in Calamba, Laguna, Philippines (shhhh, that's our little secret, okay?). I also have another secret to share (but first: look behind your shoulder..nobody there? good.) -- WhateverBuys.com is really an ambitious pursuit of an all-encompassing ecommerce business based in the Philippines with the aim of achieving something close to what Amazon.com has become in the US/Canada and Alibaba.com in China. This little site here that you're on is a little seed waiting for its time. My heart and mind has always been on ecommerce and I've always dreamed of one day having a similar service here where you can get "same day delivery" for just about anything -- from books, gadgets to groceries and fresh food (yes, just like Amazon Fresh) to little errands/tasks like TaskRabbit's service. "Ambitious" doesn't even begin to describe how difficult and long the road to this goal is, not to mention I'm nowhere near an enterprising genius. But I want to make this happen and I understand what it entails and so I vow to ensure that each waking moment of my life will be a "micro" step towards that goal. I want to bring my experience, interests, karaoke talent (kidding! hey you never know!) and YouTube guts to this dream in hopes that one day soon, I will see it realized in my lifetime. So yeah, hopefully you'll see more of me in the future but more importantly, that you'll benefit from it and make your life a little easier (and fancier too!). 

So a little history...

Ecommerce has long been my interest even in college. I remember back in 1997 or 1998, I started dabbling in open-source ecommerce platform like Agora and even made a little mockup website for WhateverBuys.com with whatever meager resources I had at the campus computer lab. Online commerce have always fascinated me and I've dreamed of one day owning a kickass online store. Much of it remained a silly dream in my head because the calling of employment in the manufacturing world seemed stronger and more practical back then, so I went on to work for the semiconductor industry months before graduation in September 1998 and stayed there until 2005.

I've worked in the BPO industry (customer service/call center) on and off thereafter but never seemed to warm up to the idea of a corporate job. So in between jobs, I would sell stuff online on practically any online marketplace fad that came along.

I started selling online in 2008 on the now-defunct Multiply.com as well as Sulit.com.ph (now olx.com.ph) and eBay -- way before the big online stores (ie., Lazada.com.ph) came to our shores.

The year 2008 (or a few years before that) was the year online selling started taking-off in the Philippines and customers started trusting online stores/sellers, paving the way for an invigorated e-commerce as well-established businesses started taking notice and cashing-in on the new buying mode.

Seeing the difficulty of competing with big online shops and those offline who started opening online versions of their stores, I decided to go offline and concentrate on selling grocery items (mom-and-pop-friendly-neighborhood-convenience-store-style). Sadly, I eventually closed shop due to low demand in my area.

Recent personal events and business trends, however have convinced me to re-open WhateverBuys.com online with the intention to sell beauty products and gadgets/electronic devices (and accessories) -- two of the most sought-after products these days and eventually sell groceries with same-day delivery! Crossing fingers.. <3

Why beauty products?

Because they sell (at least next to "you know what"). People actually search for/buy them online on a regular basis. And surprisingly, some (like the ones I sell here) actually work! 

Why electronics?
Because I'm a gadget freak. Enough said. For evidence, you can check my other "job" over at RJMarmol.com where I write and curate technology and iPhone app news and reviews.

What makes WhateverBuys.com different from other "bigger" online stores out there? Why should you buy from me and not elsewhere?

  • Authenticity. This may be a store. I may be a salesperson. 

          But what I sell, I've personally tried myself, use regularly and recommend. 

Items displayed here are endorsed based on MY personal experience. If I don't like it, I won't sell it.
Think of WhateverBuys.com as a curated store, like BirchBox -- minus the subscription.
I review all items and write the review myself and if it passes my "standards" then I recommend and sell it to you here.

Or if I find something awesome online or offline, I'll source it out and sell it to you so you don't have to do all the "heavy-lifting" involved with scouting for the "best for its price" product out there. Yeah, I know: You're welcome. :)

So when I sell a whitening product, it means I used it and got fairer skin.

When I sell a bluetooth speaker, it means I use it everyday and love it.

  • Products are packed and sent with love. Really.

         I don't grab products and throw them in a box. I wrap them -- with love. <3

  • Exceptional customer service.

          I excel here, I promise. After all, this used to be my job!

  • FREE SHIPPING within the Philippines. No explanation needed.
  • I run everything here. I maintain the website (front end and back end).
  • I am the owner, website administrator, programmer/developer, product photographer, marketer, social media consultant, content writer, product model, product tester -- in other words, "I can hazz -- like a #bawse" in kitteh-speak. What does that mean for you? Well, it means I can accommodate your request at the drop of a hat if I so want it. You just gotta ask nicely and send me a chocolate milkshake and some blueberry cheese cake.
  • And last, but certainly not the least...if you buy here, my awesomeness will rub off on you...Haha :)

OMG I could go on forever!!! But what are you doing there reading this?

Shop now! and make me some money sweetie! Jk, you know I do this for the love. <3


Happy online shopping XOXO,


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